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Research in Roman History

The research interests of our staff cover the whole span of Roman history, from the origins of Rome to Late Antiquity, with interests as diverse as warfare, politics, science, sexuality and material culture. Current research topics include:

  • early Rome
  • Roman colonisation in Italy
  • the Punic Wars
  • the political history of the Republic and early Principate
  • the history of the later Roman Empire
  • cultural change and ethnicity in ancient Italy
  • the Roman army
  • eunuchs in the Roman world
  • science and medicine in the Roman Empire
  • Greek culture in the Roman Empire
  • Julian the Apostate
  • Roman houses and interior decoration, especially at Pompeii

Staff researching Roman history include:

Dr Guy Bradley

Dr Richard Evans

Dr Kate Gilliver

Dr Louis Rawlings

Dr Laurence Totelin

Dr Shaun Tougher

Dr Ruth Westgate