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Ancient Italy: Regions Without Boundaries

Guy Bradley, Elena Isayev, Corinna Riva (eds) (Exeter University Press) 2007

Ancient Italy, front cover

The last few decades have seen major advances in our knowledge of the ancient communities of Italy besides Rome. The interaction of these communities with each other and with Rome played a critical part in the formation of Roman Italy and ultimately the Roman empire. Alongside the Etruscans a whole range of less well known ancient peoples are increasingly coming into focus, and it is now more feasible to write a history of these communities in their own right. This book consists of a series of studies, covering the Ligurians and Celts in north-west Italy, the Veneti, Picenes, the Etruscans, the Faliscans, the Latins, the Samnites, the peoples of Campania and the peoples of south-east Italy.  Each contribution, while incorporating a brief introduction to each region and its communities, as well as a summary of recent scholarship, brings out key issues and methodological concerns raised by the most recent research within that region. This volume thus addresses critical themes in the contemporary study of the ancient world: settlement and the landscape; identity; religious and funerary ritual; elite stratification and display; socio-cultural interaction and change. The studies draw on a variety of types of evidence, including archaeological excavation and survey, numismatics, epigraphy and literature. The volume is designed to be an important tool for researchers working on the ancient Mediterranean, but also to be accessible to undergraduates and to provide a starting point for anyone interested in the peoples of Ancient Italy.