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Royal Wreck of Gold

24 July 2013

Catch it on ITV & S4C tonight!

Professor Bill Jones

Professor of Welsh History at Cardiff Bill Jones has contributed to a new series of television programmes linked to this year's attempts to recover gold from The Royal Charter wreck off Anglesey.

It links to Bill's lifetime interest in migration and emigration and the links between Wales and Australia.

So what's the story?
In the early hours of 26 October 1859, on the final leg of her voyage from Melbourne to Britain, steam clipper, The Royal Charter was wrecked off the North Wales coast, in one of the worst storms to ever hit the UK. 460 passengers went down with her. If the scale of human tragedy was almost inconceivable, so too was the wealth; the ship was carrying £80 million in Australian gold.

Hear the history of the wreck and how attempts to retrieve the gold pan out…

Programmes will air as follows:
ITV 1. 8pm 24 July, 2. 7.30 30 July, 3. 7.30 6 August
S4C 1. 7.30pm 17 July, 2. 7.30 24 July, 3. 7.30 30 July