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Renoir's La Grande Illusion

Speaker: Dr Kevin Passmore

Starts: 29 May 2012

Jean Renoir's La Grande Illusion

Jean Renoir's La Grande Illusion

See Renoir’s La Grande Illusion & participate in a discussion of its historical context

Chapter Arts Centre

Tue 29 May 2.30 p.m.

France/1937/113mins/U/subtitled Dir: Jean Renoir  With: Jean Gabin, Pierre Presnay, Erich von Stroheim

Newly restored for its 75th Anniversary, Jean Renoir’s classic about WWI prisoners of war is one of the most comprehensively beautifully films ever made about friendship and freedom, respect and responsibility.  Dealing not with carnage but with how war re-shapes social interaction, codes of ethics and notions of class and nationality, it is blessed with the most delicate of directorial touches.  The profoundly astute insights into human behaviour are couched within a consistently amusing, suspenseful and moving drama charting the POW’s attempts to escape.  The fluid camerawork and typically flexible approach to narrative, mixed with a refusal to deal in simple heroes and villains, makes for a masterpiece of immense range, depth, relevance and humanity.

Reader in History Dr Kevin Passmore joins a discussion of the film in its historical context at the Tuesday matinee screening.

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