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On this page you will find information about events that took place during 2012

Peter Edbury & Thomas Asbridge Crusades Presenter
Medieval Crusade Historian: Professor Peter Edbury Retirement Day  -  12 December 2012

In honour of his contribution to scholarship, Medieval Crusade Historian: Professor Peter Edbury Retirement Day is to be held at Cardiff University in Optometry Building on 12 December 2012. [rooms 1.07 and 1.08].

Professor of Medieval History, Peter Edbury has given 35 years of service to Cardiff since joining as Lecturer in 1977.



Keynes. © Public Domain.
Distilling the frenzy - writing the history of one's own times  -  30 November 2012

Prof Peter Hennessy is Attlee Professor of Contemporary British History at Queen Mary, University of London and a Fellow of the British Academy. He is the author of several books, including Whitehall (1989) and Having It So good: Britain In The Fifties (2006).

Friday 30 November 2012, 1pm
Room 0.31, Humanities Building, Cardiff University


Constatine Augustus
Constantine Augustus 1700: Power, Faith and the Re-formation of Christianity.  -  14 November 2012

Jill Harries is Professor of Ancient History at the University of St Andrews.   Her latest book, Imperial Rome, AD 284-363: the New Empire, (2012) discusses Constantine in the context of the development of imperial rule in the early fourth century, and his contribution to the rise of Christianity as the dominant religion of the Roman world.

Wednesday 14 November, 5.10pm
Lecture Theatre 2.01, Humanities Building


Alfred Jewel
Society for Medieval Archaeology Student Colloquium  -  8 November 2012
Humanities Building at Cardiff University

The Society for Medieval Archaeology Student Colloquium provides a platform for postgraduates and early career professionals to share their research. In 2012 this successful annual event will be held in the Humanities Building at Cardiff University between the 8-9th November. Over the two days there will be paper sessions, a poster session, a wine reception and a book display.


Keynes. © Public Domain.
Managing the Welsh economy - past, present and future  -  2 November 2012
0.31 Humanities Building

Keynes and after: a seminar devoted to modern British politics and economic policy

Managing the Welsh economy - past, present and future
Rhodri Morgan, Honorary Distinguished Professor, Cardiff University

Friday 2nd November at 1pm Room 0.31, Humanities Building, Cardiff University


Political violence in interwar Europe
Political violence in interwar Europe  -  19 September 2012

From confrontations during strikes to the street battles of extremist groups, violence was a feature of interwar European politics.


Women's History Network
Women's History Network  -  7 September 2012

21st Conference of the Women's History Network – 7-9 September 2012

The History Department is delighted to host the 2012 annual Women’s History Network Conference on the theme of ‘Women, State and Nation: Creating Gendered Identities’.


Approaches to Ancient Medicine 2012  -  20 August 2012

Approaches to Ancient Medicine is an annual conference that has been held every year since 2000. It provides a forum in which younger scholars or research students and more established scholars can meet to exchange ideas and discuss the latest developments in the field of Ancient Medicine, largely construed


Graduation tea in the Humanities cafeteria
Graduation 2012  -  19 July 2012

Pre-Graduation Celebratory tea for SHARE graduands at Humanities Building from 2pm.

Head of School Professor Terry Threadgold toasts graduands and gives out prizes for outstanding performance.


Shamanic Street Preachers
Guerrilla Archaeology  -  19 July 2012

 At a festival near you this Summer 2012

This year Guerrilla Archaeology -a Cardiff-based collective made up of archaeologists, scientists and artists dedicated to bringing the past alive - will be taking the Shamanic Street Preachers out to meet the public, performing at a range of exciting festivals across Britain. 


CAER Heritage Project
Share Your Story  -  18 June 2012

Monday 18 June 2012

Activities running: 12noon -4pm

Location: Oakdale, at National History Museum: St Fagans

Share your Story is a fun, interactive event showcasing how the School of History, Archaeology & Religion (SHARE) at Cardiff University might offer support for community heritage projects.


The Lost Emperor: Aśoka, Orientalism and Indian Nationalism  -  7 June 2012
Council Chamber, Main Building, Cardiff University

Centre for the History of Religion in Asia

Sir-William-Jones Public Lecture

The speaker Mr Charles Allen is a narrative historian specialising in 19th century  
British India.


Engaging with Identities Medieval Postgraduate Symposium
2nd June 2012
Engaging with Identities: Medieval Postgraduate Symposium  -  2 June 2012

This interdisciplinary conference is aimed at postgraduate students exploring medieval topics during the course of their research. 

Xuanzang and the "Record of the Western Regions" - Constructed Myth and
Historical Reality
International Conference:  -  1 June 2012
St. Michael's College, Landaff, Cardiff

Xuanzang and the "Record of the Western Regions" (Xiyu ji) - Constructed Myth and Historical Reality


Jean Renoir's La Grande Illusion
Renoir's La Grande Illusion  -  29 May 2012

Newly restored for its 75th Anniversary, Jean Renoir’s classic about WWI prisoners of war is one of the most comprehensively beautifully films ever made about friendship and freedom, respect and responsibility.

Chapter Arts Centre

Tue 29 May 2.30 p.m.


Early Farmers the view from Archaeology and Science
Early Farmers: the view from Archaeology and Science  -  14 May 2012

This major international conference on Neolithic Europe is organised by the Department of Archaeology and Conservation, Cardiff University, and is generously supported by the British Academy.


The Master Madam
The Master Madam  -  29 March 2012

European premiere of new translation of oldest Indian comedy

The European premiere of the Sanskrit comedy The Master Madam, in a new translation by Dr Will Johnson (Centre for the History and Religion of Asia, Cardiff University), is to take place in Cardiff on 29 and 30 March.


 Coinage and the Monetary Economy of Anglo-Saxon England
Henry Loyn Memorial Lecture  -  20 March 2012
Julian Hodge Building, Main Lecture Theatre

Coinage and the Monetary Economy of Anglo-Saxon England

Working with plans
Lifestories Success St Fagans  -  18 February 2012

You will be happy to join in congratulating the SHARE with Schools (SwS) team in running a successful  Lifestories event at National History Museum - St Fagans, on Saturday 18 February 2012


Children as Roman Soldiers
Wales through the ages from the Romans to the Victorians  -  18 February 2012

As part of St Fagan's Life Stories Community Event