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A Walk on the Wild Side: the role of wild animals in farming societies

Starts: 23 August 2006
Ends:  28 August 2006

International Council for Archaeozoology (ICAZ) session

Mexico City

Jacqui Mulville Where the wild things are? Hunting in a domesticated world: red deer as a case study

Claire Saint-Germain Hunting in New France: privilege or necessity?

Jonathan Driver and Shaw Badenhorst Hunting by farmers with no domestic animals: ecological and social implications

Camilla Speller and Dongya Yang Investigating the role of wild and domestic turkeys in the Southwestern USA through ancient DNA analysis

Patricia Maita Cazando para el ritual y la comida: El uso de fauna silvestre en Pueblo Viejo, Costa Central del Perú

Anne Tresset Symbol or Complement: the role of hunting in Neolithic societies of Western Europe

Christopher Swaysland The Horns of the Bull: aurochs bucrania from Broom, Bedfordshire, UK

David C. Orton The social context of wild animal use in the later Neolithic of the Central Balkans

Günther Karl Kunst and Martina Pacher Brown bear remains in prehistoric and early historic societies: case studies from Austria

Louise Martin, Nerissa Russell and Katherine Twiss Wild at Heart? The role of wild animals at Neolithic Çatalhöyük

Marjane Mashkour Mixed prehistoric economies in the Qazvin Plain (Iran). Ecological and cultural issues

Lembi Lõugas Wild animals versus domestic: influence of hunter-gatherer societies, an everyday need or a symbolic meaning?

Andrew Shapland Over the horizon: human-animal relations in Neopalatial Crete

Luminita Bejenaru and Simina Stanc Exploitation of wild animals in the Middle Ages of Romania: synchronical and diachronical patterns

Diana C. Crader, Matthew Rowe and Thomas Edwards Cracking the shell: the use of tortoises at Late Medieval Capalbiaccio, Italy

Erika Gál "Fine feathers make fine birds": the exploitation of wild birds in Medieval Hungary

Adrienne Powell Who killed Bambi? Desperation or deliberate slaughter on Scottish islands

Eva Fairnell Farmers, Foxes and Furs

Tony Legge Discussion



Name:Jacqui Mulville and Adrienne Powell

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