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7th Experimental Archaeology Conference

Series: Experimental Archaeology Conference

Starts: 11 January 2013
Ends:  12 January 2013

Friday 11th-Saturday 12th January 2013

The 7th Conference will be hosted jointly by the School of History, Archaeology and Religion Cardiff University and St Fagans National History Museum, Wales.

This year’s conference is also supported by EXARC, the ICOM Affiliated Organisation representing archaeological open-air museums and experimental archaeology.

The first day of this conference will be held at Cardiff University and will focus on papers and discussion. The second day will be hosted by St Fagans, and will offer more papers as well as the chance to explore one of Britain’s oldest open-air museums.


Papers on any any topic related to experimental archaeology are welcome, but those that touch on the relationship between experimental and experiential approaches are particularly welcome.

Academic posters as well as oral papers are welcome, and this year we are pleased to announce that there will be a prize for the best student poster.


November 2012 -January 2013- Registration
11-12 January – Conference

List of speakers (in alphabetical order)


Luc Doyon: Contribution of tool curation in the morphometric variability of Aurignacian projectile points made of antler.

Christopher Dobbs: Reconstructing the Cook’s Galley on the Mary Rose – From Seabed Rubble to Working Kitchen.

Mike Charles, Glynis Jones, Emily Forster, Michael Wallace, Nick Fieller and Eleanor Stillman: Some like it hot: the effects of charring on crop remains.

Christophe Snoeck: A Burning Question: Structural and Isotopic Studies of Cremated Bone in Archaeological Contexts.

Elizabeth Corey Lopez: Experience as foundation for Experiment: A Practitioners Progress.

Don O’Meara: Getting to the bottom of it: experimental approaches to archaeobotany.

Aidan O’Sullivan: Irish Experimental Archaeology – A history (provisional title.)

Stuart Page and Nada Khreisheh: TBC

Tine Schenck and Christian Horn: Experiments with Hafting of Scandinavian Funnel Beaker flint halberds.

Adrian Wrona: The production of high carbon steel directly in bloomery process. Theoretical bases and metallographic analyses of the experiment results.


Mary Ellen Crothers: How warm was an Anglo-Saxon house? Testing reconstructed buildings and unravelling myths of Dark-Age discomfort: A case study at West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village.

Annelou van Gijn and Diederik Pomstra: Huize Horsterwold: a reconstruction of a Late Neolithic house plan from the Dutch wetlands.

Katrin Kania: Researching the Basics. Craftspersons as a “research tool” in an archaeological spinning experiment.

Heather Hopkins, Katrin Kania and Sabine Ringenberg: The influence of the dyers’ craft on experimental context:investigating the affect of metals in the dyeing industry of Pompeii.

Linda Hurcombe:  Reconstructing A Bronze Age boat (provisional title).

Agata Ulanowska: Reconstruction of old weaving technologies in the Mediterranean – experimental archaeology tests in the Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw.

Saturday Afternoon – Demonstrations to be confirmed


The Experimental Archaeology Conference aims to attract a variety of contributors, from established academics to students at all levels, to museum professionals and craftsmen practicing or interested in recreating past techniques. As such this year’s conference organisers intend to keep attendance costs to a minimum, and will confirm these later in the year.


For more information:


NATURE came to the Experimental Archaeology Conference at Cardiff  and made a podcast about the conference and its evolving subject.... have a listen!


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