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Cardiff Archaeology Research Seminars - autumn 2013 & spring 2014

All seminars take place in room 4.45 John Percival Building (Humanities Building) at 17:10, unless otherwise stated.

All welcome

A poster for the Autumn seminars is available below:


A poster for the Spring seminars is available below:


Autumn Semester 2013

10th October

Steve Rippon (University of Exeter)

‘What have the Romans done for us’? The Fields of Britannia: continuity and change at the end of the Roman period


17th October

Roger Doonan (University of Sheffield)

Steppe by Step: Exploring the Middle Bronze Age communities of the Eurasian Steppe


24th October

Volker Heyd (University of Bristol)

Between the Black Sea and the Atlantic: Yamnaya, Corded Ware and Bell Beakers in Archaeology, Isotopes and a bit of genetics


31st October

Steve Boreham (University of Cambridge)

Conservation of wetland deposits and the deterioration of archaeological sediments at Star Carr

'Cancelled. Future date to be announced.'


14th November

Carolyn Chenery (NERC Isotope Geoscience Laboratory at the British Geological Survey in Keyworth)

A boat load of Vikings or raiders of a different sort? Isotope investigations on the Mass Grave at Ridgeway Hill, Weymouth


21st November

Peter Bray (University of Oxford)

Coping with copper: stress free approaches to understanding chemical composition, for fun and profit


28th November

Chris Scull (Cardiff University)

The King of Bling? Interpreting the Anglo-Saxon Princely Burial at Prittlewell, Essex


5th December

Alice Stevenson (Pitt Rivers Museum)

Telling times: sequence, seriation and sacrifice in Early Egypt



Spring Semester 2014

30th January

Toby Driver (RCAHMW)

Puffins and Prehistory: Using remote sensing and integrated survey to understand the prehistoric field systems of Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire


6th February

Anthony Snodgrass (University of Cambridge)

Statics and dynamics in Greek agriculture


13th February

Katie Hemer (University of Sheffield)

All God's children: perspectives on children and childhood in early medieval Wales


20th February - joint with Monmouth Archaeological Society, refreshments will be served

Francesco Menotti (Basel University)

The decline of the Circum-Apline region lake-dwellings: cultural vs environmental change


27th February

Angela Lamb (NERC Isotope Geoscience Laboratory at the British Geological Survey in Keyworth)

The effect of kingship on Richard III: an isotope study of the skeleton


13th March

Martin Ziegler (ETH Zurich)

Cultural roots - Development of early modern humans linked to abrupt climate change


20th March

Leslie Webster (British Museum)

Belief on the battlefield: the case of the Staffordshire Hoard


27th March

Melanie Giles (University of Manchester)

Weapons burials of the British Iron Age


3rd April

Michael Dee (University of Oxford)

The rise and fall of the first Egyptian state