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Cardiff Archaeology Research Seminars - autumn 2012 & spring 2013

All seminars take place in room 4.45 John Percival Building (Humanities Building) at 17:10, unless otherwise stated.

All welcome

Autumn Semester 2012

11th October

Simon Esmonde Cleary (University of Birmingham)

Hunting in late Roman society: Can we identify an archaeology?


18th October

Andrew Shapland (The British Museum)

Animals, humans and things in Bronze Age Crete


25th October

William Davies (University of Southampton)

Creativity, sociability and mobility at the Middle to Upper Palaeolithic transition in Europe


1st November

Richard Evershed (University of Bristol)

Milking the residues


15th November

Meggen Gondek (University of Chester)

Finding a Pictish palace? The Rhynie Environs Archaeological Project


22nd November

Jörg Orschied (Hamburg University, Germany)

Bones, ritual and cannibals. The death ritual of the LBK


29th November

Steven Mithen (University of Reading)

Life and Death at WF16, an early Neolithic site in Southern Jordan


6th December

Ioana Oltean (University of Exeter)

The discovery of the Daco-Getic landscape: Benefits and challenges


13th December  - please note starts at 16:10

John Chapman (Durham University)

From Brittany to the Volga - macro-networks and the importance of the Varna cemetery


Spring Semester 2013

31st January

Ergün Lafli (Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey)

Roman and Byzantine periods at Hadrianopolis, Southwestern Paphlagonia (Turkey): Fieldwork campaigns 2005-2008


7th February

Alexandra Villing (The British Museum)

Naukratis: new research on the Greeks in Egypt


14th February

Jody Joy (The British Museum)

Double, double toil and trouble; Fire, burn; and, cauldron, bubble’: The Late Iron Age cauldrons from Chiseldon, Wiltshire


21st February

Richard Madgwick (Cardiff University)

Investigating the biogeography and management of the European fallow deer in the last 6,000 years: An integrated approach


7th March

Aleks Pluskowski & Alex Brown (University of Reading)

The Ecology of Crusading: The Environmental Impact of Crusading, Colonisation and Religious Conversion in the Medieval Baltic


14th March

Tsenka Tsanova (Max-Planck-Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig, Germany)

Late Middle Palaeolithic and Early Upper Palaeolithic Archaeology from northern Bulgaria


21st March

Steven Mithen (University of Reading)

Life and death at WF16, an early Neolithic site in Southern Jordan


18th April

Rupert Till (University of Huddersfield)

Songs of Stonehenge: experimental digital acoustic and graphical modelling of Stonehenge


25th April

Preston Miracle (University of Cambridge)

Little things that count: Dietary diversification and small game use in the prehistory of southeastern Europe


2nd May

Laura Basell (Bournemouth University)

Human evolution and palaeoecology at the headwaters of the Nile