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The William Jones Visiting Research Fellowship Lecture

Starts: 25 June 2013

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25th June, John Percival Building 3.47, at 5:30pm

Greece (and Rome) in India: the Mahābhārata and other examples.

Prof. Fernando Wulff Alonso, University of Malaga

The relations between the Mediterranean world and India in the centuries around the beginning of the Common Era have often been underestimated. This has huge implications when assessing evolutionary processes in India itself, where, among other things, the transition to classical “Hinduism" and significant changes in Buddhism are taking place. We propose, in this paper, a reconsideration of these issues and propose a concrete example: the use of Greco-Roman sources in the constitution of the Sanskrit Mahābhārata.

Prof. Fernando Wulff Alonso is the William Jones Visiting Research Fellow in the Centre for the History of Religion in Asia in SHARE. He is an Ancient Historian by training, but works on both Greco-Roman and Indian sources. As well as interests in Ancient History, Classics and Classical Indology, Prof. Wulff is the director of del Grupo de Estudios Historiográficos, which was founded in 1984. During his time in Cardiff, he is working on an extended comparison between the works of Ovid and the Indian epic, the Mahābhārata. He is the author of numerous books and articles. Some of which are shown below.

Prof. Fernando Wulff Alonso books & articles


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