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MA Programmes

The Department has a number of MA programmes available. The key feature of all of these programmes is flexibility. Our MA courses offer a well structured and challenging range of core modules, alongside a wide variety of optional courses. You may make the focus of your study Religion in Late Antiquity or Indian Religions.

There are also opportunities to study the Classical languages associated with religious traditions such as Arabic, Aramaic, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, Pali, Sanskrit and Syriac. A compulsory module provides a subject-specific introduction to postgraduate study skills. Assessment is via written assignments and a dissertation of approximately 16,000 words. The course is available on a full-time and part-time basis.

Religious Studies (MA)

Religious Studies: Indian Religions Pathway (MA)

Religious Studies: Religion in Late Antiquity Pathway (MA)

Religious Studies: Myth, Narrative and Theory Pathway (MA)

MA/Diploma Islam in Contemporary Britain