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Why Study History?

Graduates in caps and gowns

"Important abilities and qualities of mind are acquired through the study of History. They are particularly valuable for the graduate as citizen and are readily transferable to many occupations and careers." [Extract from: QAA History Benchmarking Statement]

"Its subject matter, distinguishing it from other humanities and social sciences, consists of the attempts of human beings in the past to organise life materially and conceptually, individually and collectively, while the object of studying these things is to widen students' experience and develop qualities of perception and judgement. History provides a distinctive education by providing a sense of the past, an awareness of the development of differing values, systems and societies and the inculcation of critical yet tolerant personal attitudes."
[Extract from: QAA History Benchmarking Statement]

Apart from being extremely enjoyable and enabling you to learn about the past and come to a better understanding of the present, a History degree provides you with important skills that will be of value after leaving university. In learning to absorb, analyse and assess a wide variety of information and viewpoints, in learning to express your arguments in oral and written form, and in learning to think and work both independently and in co-operation with others, History students acquire skills which employers in all fields value.

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