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Caroline Pudney PhD Archaeology


Caroline Pudney

I have recently completed my PhD in Archaeology at Cardiff and have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.  I chose to come to Cardiff after creating good working relationships with the School during my Undergraduate degree. In addition to this, the specialist knowledge and resources available here are second to none for those who wish to study late Iron Age and Roman Wales.

During my time here I have been able to play a role in undergraduate teaching, prepare conference papers and undertake fieldwork on one of the most important sites in Roman Britain. I have been, and continue to be, fully involved in the excavations undertaken at Caerleon Roman Fortress. This has all been made possible by the good rapport built up between myself and my supervisor (something that is common here at Cardiff).  Supervising the excavations, training students and volunteers, helping to create and run community projects, and undertaking a large part of the archiving and preliminary post-excavation work has also stood me in good stead for my new job with Cadw. The extra support from School members beyond the PhD research isn't something that all universities can provide but here at Cardiff, it's the norm.

Studying for a PhD can be a rollercoaster ride but the environment created by the Archaeology department and the strong community of fellow research students has made it all the easier.