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Disclosing a Disability


Cardiff University is committed to providing support for disabled students to enable them to study and work alongside their non-disabled peers. In order to provide this support, members of the University may need to share information regarding your specific needs. You are therefore invited to disclose any disabilities, special needs or learning difficulties to us at any time. The purpose of this is that it helps us to respond to your needs. In order to treat any information you give us appropriately, we operate a number of different levels of confidentiality.

There are three levels of confidentiality:

1)     A ‘need to know’ basis

This level of confidentiality gives the University the greatest flexibility in responding to your needs, providing appropriate facilities and representing your interests at Examination Boards. Information can be made available on a strict ‘need to know’ basis to relevant University personnel or other professionals who can help ensure appropriate ‘reasonable adjustments’. Even at this level of confidentiality, we will not share details of the disability or learning difficulty, but only your requirements.

2)      Further degrees of confidentiality

At this level you can specify to whom any information given should be made available. If you omit someone, such as your lecturers, a second or third subject School, or the external examiner, we cannot pass the information on, even where we may judge it to be in your interest. However, there may be a particular reason why you might wish to choose this option.

3)      Complete confidentiality

At this level of confidentiality, the person to whom you report your disability, special needs or learning difficulty, will keep the information confidential. That person will endeavour to meet your needs so long as named confidentiality can be protected. This gives you the highest degree of confidentiality, but will limit the degree to which we can provide assistance (for example, by representing you at an Examination Board). We only advise this level of confidentiality if you feel that there is a serious need.

It is important that the University has written confirmation from you about the level of confidentiality you wish to use.  Please be aware that a written record of your information will be kept securely and may be stored on a computer. The information may also be used for statistical purposes without your identity being revealed. However, you can change your level of confidentiality at any time.

New students with a disability, special needs or learning difficulties have already been invited to declare them when completing their UCAS application forms. However, where a new need has arisen (for example, through an accident) you are invited to report to the School now, so that we can support you in the most appropriate manner.

You are encouraged to disclose any information regarding these issues to the School’s Student Support Officer, Richard Cawley. However, if you would like a degree of confidentiality which excludes the Student Support Officer, please feel free to talk to any member of staff, who will respond accordingly.


Mr Richard Cawley

Telephone: +44 (0)29 208 75611Extension: 75611