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Industrialisation in England and Wales: Social and cultural changes - 20 credits (HST890)


Industrialisation in England and Wales was accompanied by marked social and cultural changes that have received a great deal of attention from historians. This module debates the evidence for and nature of these changes and pays particular attention to the methodological implications of various approaches to social and cultural history including approaches deriving from social science, from Marxism and from anthropology and literary studies. Themes pursued in detail include, proletarianisation, urbanisation and migration; poverty and social mobility; consumerism, social identities (national, regional, local, gender, generational and ethnic, as well as class); changes in living and working environments, changes in families and communities, middle class culture, the ‘making of class’ and social protest. The question of class. Everyday life. Particular emphasis will be placed upon regional differences in the process and impact of industrialisation, including the differences between coalfield areas like industrial South Wales and textile regions like Lancashire and Yorkshire. There will be opportunity for students to research particular themes and regions of their choice.