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Industrialisation in England and Wales: Structural change in the economy - 20 credits (HST630)

Industrialisation in England and Wales is currently represented by works that predominantly suggest that less happened, and less dramatically than was once thought. This module asks why this is so and considers change in agriculture, demography, industry, trade and finance in the period of industrialisation in Britain emphasising the marked changes as well as continuities. Comparative material is also studied, relating to the experience of industrialisation elsewhere and to the global nature of an industrialising process that linked Britain with the rest of the world. Themes pursued in detail include agricultural and demographic change, industrial organisation, structure and finance, the role of the state, trade and regional specialisation. Particular emphasis will be placed upon regional differences in the process of industrialisation, including the differences between coalfield areas like industrial South Wales and textile regions like Lancashire and Yorkshire. There will be opportunity for students to research particular themes and regions of their choice.