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Politics & Economic Policy in Britain 1939-2001 - 20 credits (HST627)

This module analyses the course of British politics and economic policy since the Second World War. It discusses the political and economic impact of the Second World War on British society; the Keynesian revolution; the expansion of the welfare state and the era of full employment; anxiety about ‘economic decline’ and the attempts of the 1960s and 1970s to modernise the postwar mixed economy via planning and the constraints on this project resulting from Britain’s international economic commitments; the rise of inflation, class conflict and reaction against the social-democratic consensus led by Margaret Thatcher; the neo-liberal hegemony of the period after 1979, its implications for the British economy and society, and the emergence of ‘new Labour’ in the 1990s.

Assessment: 3 hour unseen examination OR Assessed essay(s) (6-8,000 words equivalent)