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Sources for the Study of the Crusades and the Latin East - 20 credits (HST624)

What are the raw materials that historians have at their disposal? And how are they to use them? These questions are fundamental to any serious historical study, and this module is designed to introduce students to the rich variety of sources for the Crusades and the Latin East. Some are familiar; others less well known. How do we access them? What sort of problems do they present? What sort of fresh insights can be gained from a re-appraisal of materials that have long been in print and have been much used? Historical narratives, legal treatises, administrative and legal documents, advice given to pilgrims, news letters, papal bulls, medieval romance - in their different ways all can contribute to our understanding, as does the non-literary evidence of archaeology, works of art, coins and inscriptions. This module provides the essential grounding for further enquiry in this field of study.