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Forensic and Osteoarchaeology - 20 credits (HS2423)

This course is an introduction to both osteoarchaeology and forensic archaeology. It will introduce students to the analysis, interpretation and presentation of osteoarchaeological assemblages, both human and animal. It will be mixture of lectures and practical classes, allowing both the theory and the methods of analysis to be taught. A brief history of the main factors in human and animal population structures over time will be considered in addition to an understanding of the information available from the study of bones. The course will also introduce students to forensic archaeology which is the application of archaeological methods and principles within the constraints and framework of the criminal justice system. Archaeological techniques are used to find, recover and to analyse human skeletal remains and to aid in the crime scene interpretation. Students will be introduced to the range of methods used in forensic archaeology, from geophysics to human bone analysis, and considers the role forensic archaeologists can play in criminal investigations

Staff: Jacqui Mulville
Teaching: 10 lectures and 10 practicals
Assessment: 100% coursework
Semester: Autumn