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Archaeological Fieldwork 1 - 10 credits (HS2341)

In this module, students learn how to carry out archaeological field research. Students learn by participating in excavations, laboratory analyses or museum-based study. Depending of the particular project, students acquire skills used in archaeological field and laboratory work. The module is credited in either the Autumn or Spring Semester (though attendance on most projects occurs in the summer).

Staff: To be arranged
Teaching: In-course residential fieldwork, normally for a 4-week period on an excavation, recommended/approved by the Board of Studies; or appropriate supervised museum/site artefact work. This is normally taken in the preceding summer and can be counted as either an autumn or spring module.
Assessment: 50% in-course monitoring by the site director/museum supervisor on a standard proforma and assessment by staff in the School (in consultation with site director/museum supervisor where necessary); 50% student write-up of the excavation, fieldwork or museum project.
Semester: Field research usually in summer but allocated to either Autumn or Spring