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Environmental and Economic Archaeology - 10 credits (HS2106)

10 Credits, Spring semester

How do archaeologists find out about the past? This module explores the 'forensic' role of bio-archaeology (plants and animals) and geo-archaeology (soils and sediments) archaeology in reconstructing the changing environment of the past, and how humans have transformed and coped with this environment.  To do this we have to understand the environment today and how we use this information to interpret ancient remains.  It also is important to understand how sites are formed and material preserved. We will consider the exploitation of soils, plants and other animals to produce food, materials, labour over time.  Finally we will explore the methods of directly examining human remains in the past.  The course consists of weekly lectures accompanied by practicals.

METHODS OF TEACHING: 6  lectures.  Five 3-hr laboratory classes.

METHODS OF ASSESSMENT: 100% Coursework - 1 essay (50%), Laboratory notebook (50%).