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Assessment and Design for Collections Care - 40 credits (HST330)

This course familiarises students with processes used to assess the needs of cultural collections, explores techniques used to quantify the ambient environment, examines how environment relates to collection needs, and considers the management structures and decision making processes which are best suited to successful implementation of collections care programmes.

Exploring these areas students develop the ability to prioritise the use of resources and formulate both practical and management strategies for collections care. Each aspect of the collection environment is examined. Investigation of building design, services, exhibitions, storage facilities and transport methods allows for assessments of how these can benefit the preservation of collections. Although physical surroundings play an important part in collections care, these must be considered in tandem with management structures. Criteria for choosing preventive conservation measures are addressed and the context in which these choices are made is discussed. The role of other professionals in the process of collection care is examined.

Teaching is via tutorials, seminars, lectures, practical and interactive discussion. The course includes presentations by manufacturer's representatives and visits to view collections care in action.