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Reading Greek 2 - 20 credits (HS3324)

Staff: Piero Tassinari

Further study of the ancient Greek language, building on the work of HS3423 Reading Greek 1, and involving the reading of more advanced Greek texts. The module will prepare students to continue with HS3345/6 Greek Historical Texts, if they so wish.

Availability: spring semester each year
Optional for: all Ancient History degrees
Teaching: 30 classes.
Assessment: written exercises (50%) and one 2-hour examination (50%)

Syllabus content

The aorist and future tenses; third declension nouns; infinitives; participles; the subjunctive mood; the imperative mood; a Greek text to be determined.


  • To introduce students to the script, writing, reading, basic grammar and vocabulary of ancient Greek.
  • To prepare students for reading and translating original texts under the guidance of a teacher.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the module, the student will demonstrate:

  • an ability to read, write, and translate simple Greek sentences and to recognise grammatical forms and functions.
  • an ability to read, write, describe (parse) simple grammatical forms and to translate compound sentences from Greek to English and from English to Greek.

Preliminary reading

Information on the textbook to be used will be issued at the beginning of the module.

Related modules

Prerequisites: HS3423 Reading Greek 1 (or other beginner's Greek course)

Necessary for: HS3345 & HS3346 Greek Historical Texts