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Electronic Resources for Ancient History and Classical Archaeology

Ancient History

Athena reading the list of war dead, Athens

This section provides links to a range of electronic resources for ancient historians and Classical archaeologists. It is not intended to be comprehensive.

General Resources for Ancient History

Links to general study resources and gateway sites for Ancient History, including major collections of resources, directories and classical blogs.


Links to electronic journals and online catalogues.

Bibliographic Resources

Links to online library catalogues and academic libraries around the world, and to bibliographic indexes and databases.

Dictionaries and Reference

Links to dictionaries and encyclopaedias, including Classical dictionaries, maps and today's weather forecast in Latin.

Ancient Texts and Epigraphy

Links to ancient texts resources, including Greek and Latin texts, translations, inscriptions and papyri.

Classical Archaeology

Links to study resources for Classical archaeology, including archives, projects, maps and virtual reality tours.

Classical Organisations

Links to Classical organisations in the UK.