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Kingdoms of the Crusaders - 20 credits (HST913)

From the time of the First Crusade (1095–99), people of western European origin ruled and settled substantial areas of Syria and Palestine. The fortunes of these Latin states in the East fluctuated, and although Jerusalem was lost in 1187, four years later the island of Cyprus passed into Latin control. Eventually, in 1291 western rule in Syria and Palestine came to an end, but the descendants of the crusaders continued to rule in Cyprus until the fifteenth century and in parts of Greece and the Aegean even longer. The political, military, social and economic history of these settlements has attracted considerable scholarly attention. Their survival and eventual demise, their laws and institutions, their social and religious organisation and the political, economic and military resources all repay study, and, after consultation with the students taking this module, agreed aspects of these topics will be explored.