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Special Topic: Attic Associations - 20 credits (HST045)

The Athenian polis was structured in terms of a rich variety of associations (tribes, trittyes, demes, komai, phratries, gene, groups of orgeones, etc.), which have been the subject of intense study by historians over the last generation. This module provides an opportunity for students to explore the role and function of these associations in Athenian life. A wide range of possible topics may be chosen, e.g. students may wish to addess a general issue, such as the contribution of the associations to Athenian democracy, to focus on one type of association, on specific topics such as the topography of demes, the role of women in associations, the role of associations in defining and expressing social status and values, or in religion or military organisation, on the interpretation of myths connected with the associations, on centrally imposed reforms (e.g. Cleisthenes'), on organic developments in the associations over time, or on a category of evidence for associations (e.g. inscriptions, other material evidence, Attic orators, Athenian comedy). Depending on the topic chosen, students may choose to include comparison of the Attic system with others.