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Current Students

Ancient History

Celsus Library, Ephesus, Turkey

In this section you will find information about Ancient History teaching in the current year. For links to learning resources within the University, and to a range of other University services for students, visit the History, Archaeology and Religion Current Students page.

Further information about your degree and your modules will be sent to you by email, so you should check your University email account every day. Information is also posted on Learning Central and on the fourth-floor noticeboards, both of which you should check regularly.

A selection of useful websites for Ancient Historians and Classical Archaeologists can be found on the Electronic Resources page.

If you would like to find out more about Ancient History degrees and how to apply, please visit Ancient History Degree Programmes.

Current Ancient History Modules


Students take the two 20-credit Ancient History modules in Year 1 (plus 40 credits in each of their two other subjects), then 120 credits in Year 2 and 120 credits in Year 3; optional modules are taught in alternate years. The modules listed are all those available to students taking Ancient History; students taking integrated degrees have additional options in Archaeology or Medieval History as appropriate. Any student can take up to 20 credits from another degree scheme, subject to the approval of the relevant Boards of Studies.


If you are having trouble accessing University email or Learning Central, or if you have forgotten your email or network address or password, please contact Aled Cooke (details below).

Mr Aled Cooke

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Mr Aled Cooke
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