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Prof Christopher Scull 

Prof Christopher Scull
Position:Honorary Visiting Professor

Research Interests

• Early medieval Europe

• Material culture and society in England, 4th-8th centuries CE

• Anglo-Saxon burial practice

• Mortuary Archaeology

• Refining Archaeological Chronologies

• Inter-disciplinary approaches to the study of the past

Selected Publications

A. Bayliss, J. Hines, K Høilund Nielsen, G. McCormac and C. Scull (2013) Anglo-Saxon graves and grave goods of the sixth and seventh centuries AD: a chronological framework. Leeds, Society for Medieval Archaeology Monograph 33

C. Scull (2011) Social transactions, gift exchange, and power in the archaeology of the fifth to seventh centuries. In H. Hamerow, D. Hinton and S. Crawford (eds) The Oxford Handbook of Anglo-Saxon Archaeology, 866-882. Oxford, Oxford University Press 

C. Scull (2009) Early Medieval (late 5th-early 8th centuries AD) Cemeteries at Boss Hall and Buttermarket, Ipswich, Suffolk. Leeds: Society for Medieval Archaeology Monograph 27

C. Scull (2009) The Human Burials. In S. Lucy, J. Tipper and A. Dickens, The Anglo-Saxon Settlement and Cemetery at Bloodmoor Hill, Carlton Colville, Suffolk, 385-426. Cambridge: East Anglian Archaeology report 131

C. Scull (1997) Urban Centres in pre-Viking England? In J. Hines (ed.) The Anglo-Saxons from the Migration Period to the Eighth Century: an Ethnographic Perspective, 269-310. Woodbridge: The Boydell Press

Research Projects

  • Survey and excavation at Rendlesham, Suffolk
  • The Anglo-Saxon princely burial at Prittlewell (Essex): analysis and publication

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