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Dr Frances Healy  -  F.S.A., F.S.A. Scot.

Dr Frances Healy
Position:Honorary Research Fellow

Telephone:+44 (0)29 208 70127
Location:John Percival Building, Room 3.65

Research Interests

  • The earlier Holocene archaeology of Britain and north-west Europe, with an  emphasis on lithic industries and the contexts of their development

Selected Publications


Mercer, R. and Healy, F., 2008 Hambledon Hill, Dorset, England. Excavation and Survey of a Neolithic Monument Complex and its Surrounding Landscape, Swindon: English Heritage.

Harding, J. and Healy, F. 2007 The Raunds Area Project. A Neolithic and Bronze Age Landscape in Northamptonshire, Swindon: English Heritage, Htpp//

Smith, R.C., Healy, F., Allen, M.J., Morris, E.L., Barnes, I., and Woodward, P.J. 1997 Excavations along the Route of the Dorchester By-pass, Dorset, Wessex Archaeol. Rep. 11

Healy, F. 1996 The Fenland Project Number 11: The Wissey Embayment: Evidence for Pre-Iron Age Settlement Accumulated prior to the Fenland Project, E. Anglian Archaeol. 78

Healy, F. 1988 The Anglo-Saxon Cemetery at Spong Hill, North Elmham. Part VI: Occupation during the Seventh to Second Millennia BC, E. Anglian Archaeol. 39


Healy, F. 2008 Causewayed enclosures and the Early Neolithic: the chronology and character of monument building and settlement in Kent, Surrey and Sussex in the early to mid-4th millennium cal BC, Htpp//

Whittle, A., Bayliss, A. and Healy, F. 2008 ‘The timing and tempo of change: examples from the fourth millennium cal BC in southern England’, Cambridge Archaeol. J. 18(1), 65–70

Bayliss, A., Whittle, A. and Healy, F. 2008 ‘Timing, tempo and temporalities in the early Neolithic of southern Britain’, in H. Fokkens, B. Coles, A. van Gijn, J.P. Kleijne, H.H. Ponjee and C.G. Slappendel (eds), Between Foraging and Farming. An Extended Broad Spectrum of Papers Presented to Leendert Louwe Kooijmans. Analecta Praehistorica Leidensia 40. Leiden: Faculty of Archaeology, 25–42

Healy, F. and Harding, J. 2007 ‘A thousand and one things to do with a round barrow’, in Last, J. (ed.), Beyond the Grave. New Perspectives on Barrows, Oxford: Oxbow Books, 53–71

Healy, F. 2006 ‘Pottery deposition at Hambledon Hill’, in Gibson, A. (ed.), Prehistoric Pottery: Some Recent Research Brit Archaeol Rep Internat Ser 1509, Oxford: British Archaeological Reports, 11–37

Healy, F. 2004 ‘Hambledon Hill and its implications’, in Cleal, R. and Pollard, J. (eds), Monuments and Material Culture. Papers in Honour of an Avebury Archaeologist: Isobel Smith, East Knoyle: Hobnob Press

Healy, F. and Harding, J. 2004 ‘Reading a burial: the legacy of Overton Hill’, in Gibson, A. and Sheridan, A. (eds), From Sickles to Circles. Britain and Ireland at the Time of Stonehenge, Stroud: Tempus, 176–193

Edited volumes

Walker, E. A., Wenban-Smith, F., and Healy, F. (eds) 2004 Lithics in Action. Papers from the Conference Lithic Studies in the Year 2000, Lithic Studies Society Occas. Pap. 8, Oxford: Oxbow Books

Ashton, N., Healy, F., and Pettitt, P. (eds) 1998 Stone Age Archaeology. Essays in Honour of John Wymer, Oxbow Mono. 102

Scarre, C.J., and Healy, F., (eds) 1993 Trade and Exchange in Prehistoric Europe, Oxbow Mono. 3

Research Projects

Dating causewayed enclosures.