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Miss Gillian Woods 

  • Overview
Position:PhD Archaeology

Academic History

MA in Egyptian Archaeology, Institute of Archaeology, UCL.

PhD Research

Working Title: Development of Egyptian Predynastic Religion

According to Herodotus (Histories Book 2, paras 35 and 67) the ancient Egyptians were exceedingly religious, more so than any other people in the world; they also considered their animals to be sacred. There is evidence to show the reality of Herodotus’ statement in respect of the Dynastic period, for example temple reliefs, tomb paintings and religious texts. However, it is difficult to maintain the same stance for the pre-literate predynastic era.
It is a truism that the material culture remains of any society are the building blocks for the understanding of that society. They can tell us a great deal about its beliefs since those beliefs are integral to everyday life.  Thus, my research aims to examine the evidence of the development of a religious ideology during the pre-textual predynastic period. The importance of this research is that whilst there have been academic studies of various aspects of the predynastic period, the evolution of belief systems involving the creation of deities during this period has not been systematically examined in an in-depth comprehensive manner. The outcome of this research will lead to a better understanding of the socio-religious developments of ancient Egypt during the non-textual period of its history.

Start Date: 2010

First Supervisor: Dr Paul Nicholson

Second Supervisor: Professor Miranda Aldhouse-Green