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Mr Joe Starkey 

  • Overview
Position:PhD History

Academic History

BA History, 2007, Cardiff University
MA History, 2008, Cardiff University

PhD Research

Working Title: The working class and the Right in 1930's France

My PhD thesis concerns the relationship between the working class and the parliamentary and extra-parliamentary Right in France during the 1930s. Up until now, scholarship has focused overwhelmingly on the relationship between the working class and the Left during these years, whilst conservative workers have been explained away as 'deviant' and ignorant of their 'true' class interests. Moreover, both the parliamentary and extra-parliamentary Right have been viewed purely bourgeois phenomena that lacked significant working class support.

My thesis seeks to challenge these assumptions. I am examining the strategies that the Right used to attract workers, such as propaganda, social innitiatives, and trade union organisations. I am also examining the reasons why workers were themselves identified to the Right, taking into account the complex interplay between political, social, and cultural factors.

Start Date: October 2010

First Supervisor: Dr. Kevin Passmore

Second Supervisor: Dr. Gerwin Strobl

Additional Information

Member of the Society for the Study of French History

Areas of Interest: Modern European history, in particular the French Third Republic.
Historical theory