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Mr Ioannis (Yiannis) Smyrnaios 

  • Overview
Position:PhD Archaeology

Academic History

BA in Hellenic Civilization Studies at the Hellenic Open University, 2002-2008
MA in Ceramic and Lithic Analysis for Archaeologists at the University of Southampton, 2008-2009

PhD Research

Working Title: The correlation of technological and stylistic changes, and society in the Greek Geometric and Orientalizing pottery.

My proposed PhD examines the development of the Geometric and Orientalizing styles in Attic Early Iron Age pottery between c.900 and 600 BC. The transitions from the abstract motifs of the Early Geometric style to the figurative representations of the Orientalizing style are examined in conjunction with the technological advances in the ceramic production sequence (chaîne opératoire), and the social and political changes that affected this period. It is suggested that the political development of the Athenian polis that culminated in Kleisthenic democracy contributed to an alteration in the perceptions of social freedom, which also affected pottery manufacturing processes.

Start Date: April 2010

First Supervisor: Prof. James Whitley

Second Supervisor: Prof. Paul Nicholson

Additional Information


Presentation of paper at the Theory in Ancient Greek Archaeology Conference, Ann Arbor University of Michigan (4-5 May 2012). Paper title: “Chaîne opératoire: Moving from theory to praxis in the study of Attic Geometric and Orientalizing pottery”.