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Mr Eric Nordgren 

  • Overview
Eric Nordgren photo
Position:PhD Archaeological Conservation

Academic History

BA, Classical Archaeology, McGill University, Canada
BSc, Archaeological Conservation, UCL

PhD Research

Working Title: The effect of metallurgical structure on the chloride-induced corrosion of archaeological wrought iron.

The contribution of chloride salts to the corrosion and destruction of archaeological wrought iron artefacts has been well documented in the archaeological conservation literature. The effect of metallurgical structure and composition on the chloride-induced corrosion of wrought iron is less well understood.  The metallurgy of iron is readily evaluated and may have important implications for its post-excavation preservation, particularly when the artefacts to be preserved are numerous or very large and complete removal of chloride is practically difficult.  
The aim of this study is to study the metallurgy of a large number of wrought iron archaeological artefacts and examine relationships with their chloride content and distribution, as well as post-excavation and post-treatment corrosion. The data obtained will inform practical decisions for preserving historic iron artefacts either by chloride extraction or by environmental control.

Start Date: January 2012

First Supervisor: Professor David Watkinson

Second Supervisor: Dr Paul Nicholson


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Sangouard, Elsa, Nordgren, Eric, Spohn, Ralph, Brunke, Kathleen, and David Krop, 2014. ‘Evaluation of Sodium Nitrite as a Corrosion Inhibitor for USS Monitor Artifacts’ (Forthcoming: Accepted by Studies in Conservation, in Press).


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Emmerson, Nicola, and Eric Nordgren, 2014. ‘Mill Scale on historic wrought Iron: characterisation and impact on corrosion behaviour.’ Poster presentation at International Symposium on Archaeometry (ISA 2014) Los Angeles, California.

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Nordgren Eric, 2013. ‘Does Akaganeite Transform During Electrolytic Reduction?’ Poster Presentation at the ICOM-CC Metals Working Group Triennial Conference, Edinburgh, UK

Nordgren Eric and David Watkinson,  2013. The influence of slag inclusions on corrosion of wrought iron. Paper presented at Eurocorr 2013, 1-5 September Estoril, Portugal

Nordgren, Eric, and David Watkinson 2013. Exploring the impact of slag on the corrosion of archaeological wrought iron.Poster Presentation at the Annual Meeting of the American Institute for the Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, Indianapolis AIC 2013.

Nordgren, Eric, 2013. Conservation of small mechanical metal objects from marine archaeological sites.  Paper presented at the triennial meeting of the Institute of Conservation, Glasgow 10-12 April, 2013

Additional Information

Areas of interest: Archaeological conservation practice, conservation of marine archaeological artefacts, corrosion of archaeological and historic metals, metallurgy, marine and terrestrial archaeology