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Mr Simon Jenkins 

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Position:PhD History

PhD Research

Working Title: Prostitution in Cardiff, ca.1885-ca.1960.

Prostitution is currently a key topic in Cardiff, and other British cities. However, historians know little about prostitution in the early twentieth century as studies have focused on Victorian prostitution (i.e. Walkowitz). Though this trend is beginning to be reversed only studies on London are available (Laite; Slater). Historians also acknowledge that modern Wales is one of the most under-researched areas of urban Britain (Borsay et al). It is argued that whilst there have been adequate studies of racial conflict in twentieth century Britain, correlations between race and sexuality are unexplored (Bland). Cardiff is symbolic of this as although historians have examined race and ethnicity (Evans), prostitution along with its connections to race, urban space and the wider context of sexuality are unexplored areas. My work will address this lacuna and offer new understandings of the social and cultural history of prostitution in the twentieth century.

Start date: 2011 (part-time)

First Supervisor: Dr Keir Waddington

Second Supervisor: Dr Tracey Loughran

Additional Information

Project participation:

'Transgressions, Tresspassing and Taboos in the Long-Nineteenth Century', interdisciplinary postgraduate conference, Cardiff University, 10 April 2013 (co-organiser)

Conference papers:

'Space/Place and the Policing of Prostitution in Cardiff', International Centre for the History of Crime, Policing and Justice: Policing Morals Seminar; Open University, 6 February 2015

'"Cafe Girls" and "Common Prostitutes": Prostitution and Space in Interwar Cardiff', North American Conference on British Studies, Minneapolis, November 2014

'Segregated Spaces, Isolated Types: Geographies and Spatial Narratives of Prositution in Cardiff, c.1885-c.1950', ESSHC 2014, University of Vienna, April 2014

'Isolated Types and Alien Spaces: Narratives of Space and Prostitution in Cardiff, c.1919-c.1950', New Directions: Gender and Sexuality in the Twentieth Century, UCL, April 2014

Moral Margins: Traversing the borderlands of race, gender, and space in Cardiff’s prostitution, c.1919-c.1950, Borders and Boundaries Research Symposium, Cardiff University, 27 September 2013

‘“Café Girls” and “Coloured Folk”: Race, Prostitution and Promiscuity in 1930s and 1940s Cardiff’, Swansea Postgraduate History Forum Annual Symposium, 13 June 2012

'Immoral women, licentious white men and coloured men with uncurbed sexual passion': Prostitution and Race in Interwar Cardiff, SHARE Postgraduate Welsh History Symposium, Cardiff University, November 2012

'Illicit carnal intercourse between the white and coloured races': Prostitution and Race in Cardiff, c.1919-c.1950, Social History Society Annual Conference, University of Leeds, 27 March 2013

'Cardiff: An Aspect of "English Society"? Constructing Identities through Representations of Cardiff's Prostitution, c.1927-c.1950', Constructing Identities and Changing Spaces in Wales, Cardiff University, 24 June 2013


'Aliens and Predators: Miscegenation, Prostitution and Racial Identities in Cardiff, 1927-1947', Cultural and Social History, 11:4 (2014), 575-596.


HS1105: The Making of the Modern World (Seminar Tutor)

I am a contributor to 'Notches: (re)marks on the history of sexuality' (, a blog hosted by the Raphael Samuel History Centre and edited by Julia Laite and Justin Bengry