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Mrs Catherine E. Horler-Underwood 

  • Overview
Position:PhD History

Academic History

2010-present: Ph.D, History. Cardiff University (In progress).
2009-2010: MA, Early Modern History. Swansea University (Distinction).
2006-2009: BA, History. Swansea University (First-Class Honours).

PhD Research

Working Title: Female Criminality in Wales, c.1730-1830: Evidence from the Court of Great Sessions

Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, this thesis provides an unparalleled insight into female crime and gender relations in Wales during the long eighteenth century. It draws on over 1,500 Great Sessions records, including depositions, examinations and recognisances to analyse Welsh women’s involvement in serious crime, including homicide, infanticide, and felonious property offences. Welsh court records are more detailed than English Assize records, but remain vastly underexploited. By employing both quantitative and qualitative methods, I am able to offer a comprehensive statistical analysis alongside a detailed reading of witness testimony and similar sources. In doing so I am able to analyse the age, social rank and marital status of Welsh women involved in criminal activity, to demonstrate the extent to which these elements affected judicial outcomes. The legal records are supplemented by ballads, conduct literature and articles from The Cambrian newspaper to examine representations of female criminals. This thesis situates female criminality within the wider context of the social, economic and domestic roles of women in Welsh society, and focuses on both continuity and change

Start Date: October 2010

First Supervisor: Dr Garthine Walker

Second Supervisor: Dr Lloyd Bowen

Additional Information

HS1106: Early Modern England and Wales, Seminar Tutor.

Public Engagement
Postgraduate Co-ordinator of ‘SHARE with Schools’, a Widening Access and Community Engagement Initiative in the School of History, Archaeology and Religion at Cardiff University.

Public Engagement Ambassador with the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE).

Conference Participation

- Co-organiser of the first SHARE Postgraduate Multidisciplinary Research Symposium, Cardiff University (September 2013).
- Co-organiser of the annual Welsh History Postgraduate Symposium (2012-13).
- Co-organiser of the SHARE Postgraduate Research Afternoon (March 2012).   
- Co-organiser of a two-day interdisciplinary conference, ‘Myths, Legends and Folklore’, at Cardiff University (May 2011).
- Co-organiser of the monthly SHARE Postgraduate Seminar Series (January-July 2011).

Papers delivered
- ‘Protesting women and riotous communities in Wales in the long eighteenth-century’ (West of England and South Wales Women’s History Network Annual Conference, June 2013).
- ‘University Challenge vs. SHARE with Schools: student-driven Widening Access in Cardiff (NCCPE Public Engagement Ambassador’s Event, June 2013).
- ‘Her belly now is a great deal less’ (Cardiff University Welsh History Postgraduate Symposium, November 2012).
- ‘University Challenge vs. SHARE with Schools: A Student Driven Widening Access Project in Cardiff’ (Higher Education Academy conference, Institute of Historical Research, July 2012).
- ‘Illegitimacy and infanticide in Eighteenth-Century Wales’ (Swansea University Postgraduate Summer Symposium, June 2012).
- ‘[N]ot having the fear of God before her eyes: eighteenth-century female murderesses’ (Cardiff University, Postgraduate Research Afternoon, March 2012).
- ‘Being moved and seduced by the instigation of the devil: female violence and homicide in eighteenth-century Wales’ (Cardiff University Welsh History Postgraduate Conference, November 2011).
- ‘“’Till death us do part”: marital violence in eighteenth-century Wales’ (Swansea University Postgraduate Summer Symposium, July 2010).  
- ‘Marital breakdown in eighteenth-century Wales’ (Swansea University MA Conference, May 2010).