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Mr Joshua Hall 

  • Overview
Position:PhD Ancient History

Academic history

BA History, Western Oregon University 2009

MA Ancient and Medieval Warfare, Cardiff 2010

PHD Research

Working title: The Tyrrhenian Way of War: warfare and society in Etruria and Latium (c. 900  – 396 BC)

The goal of my research is to develop a better understanding of how the societies of Tyrrhenian Italy waged war in the period from c. 900 – 369 BC. This was a period of socio-political change, expanded trade with the wider Mediterranean, and overall cultural change. My study looks at warfare’s place in all of this. I am most interested in looking at modern theories of state formation, the evidence from Etruria and Latium, and its implications for our interpretation of both the archaeological evidence (down to the end of the 6th century), the archaeological and literary evidence (from the 5th century), and ultimately our reconstruction of Etruscan and early Roman political and military organization.

Start date: October 2010 

First supervisor: Dr Louis Rawlings

Second supervisor: Dr Guy Bradley

Additional information

Upcoming Talks:
2013 ‘Raiding and Tyrrhenian States: raiding as ‘legitimate’ warfare in Tyrrhenian Italy (6th – 5th centuries BC)’ Aberystwyth Ancient Warfare Workshop 18th – 20th September
Previous Talks:
2013 ‘Imagery of Warfare in Etruria: between a Greek and Etruscan way of war (7th – 6th centuries BC)’ Cardiff Ancient History Research Seminar 18th February