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Dr Martin Wright 

Education and Qualifications

BA Hons (University of Wales), 1987

M Phil (University of Wales), 1992

PhD (Cardiff University), 2012

Career Overview

2007 – Present: Cardiff University (PhD student & subsequently Welsh Medium Lecturer in History)

2006-7: University of Huddersfield – Research Assistant

2005-7: University of Wales, Lampeter -Associate Lecturer.

2005-6: Ceredigion County Council- Welsh for Adults Tutor.

1994-2004: University of Wales, Aberystwyth – Tutor and Administrator in Continuing Education / Head of Centre for Continuing Education.

1990-1997: University of Wales, Lampeter - Associate Lecturer in History and Tutor in Adult and Continuing Education

Membership and External Activity

Chairperson of Llafur, The Welsh People’s History Society

Reviews Editor, Welsh History Review.

Recent presentations and conference papers include

November 2011, Welsh History Society, Cardiff University: ‘Wales, The Clarion and the Culture of Socialism, 1880-1914’.

November 2009, New Voices in Celtic Studies Conference, University of Aberdeen: ‘Lost in Translation: Socialism, the Welsh Language and the Printed Word, 1880-1920s’.                                          

September 2009, Ireland – Wales Correspondences Cenference, Cardiff University: ‘Lost in Translation: Socialism, the Welsh Language and the Printed Word, 1880-1920s’.

August 2008, North American Association for the Study of Welsh History and Culture, Toronto: ‘Robert Jones Derfel, 1824-1905’.

May 2008, Cynhadledd Blynyddol Canolfan Addysg Uwch Cyfrwng Cymraeg, Gregynog: ‘Y Traddodiad Sosialaidd Cymraeg’ (‘The Welsh Socialist Tradition’).