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Dr Garthine Walker 

Hector Roddan - ‘Representations of belief: early modern English constructions of indigenous non-European religious cultures, c.1550-c.1840’ [AHRC--funded], PhD in progress.

Catherine Horler - ‘Women’s criminality in Wales, c.1660-c.1803’ [AHRC-funded] PhD in progress

Rachel Butler - ‘The artifice of narrative: children’s stories and stories of children in early modern England and Wales’ [AHRC-funded], PhD in progress

Rachel Bowen - ‘“The anatomy of abuses”: nature, artifice and the body, 1300-1700’ [AHRB-funded], PhD completed 2006

Kevin Stagg - ‘Putting the monsters in order: monstrosity in early modern society’ [AHRB-funded], PhD completed 2005

Patricia E. Brimer - ‘Population in the parish of Awre: size, growth and structure, 1538-1811’, PhD completed 2001

Anna Lovelock - Gender, stereotypes and stories of courtship and domestic violence in the courts of early modern England and Wales’, MPhil completed 2001