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Prof Kevin Passmore 

Joe Starkey, 'Working-class conservatism in interwar France' (2010-)

Mark Pitchford 'The relationship between the Conservative Party and the extreme right in Britain, 1945-1973' (Completed 2009)
Published as The Conservative party and the Extreme Right, 1945-1973 (Manchester University Press, 2011)

Joanne Allen, 'Art, advertising and politics in Britain, 1930-1945' (Completed 2009)

Chris Millington , 'The veterans' movement in France, 1934-40' (Completed 2009) 
Published as From Victory to Vichy: Veterans in Interwar France, Manchester University Press, 2011.

Josh Cockburn, 'Race and Gender during the Great war in France', (Completed 2005)