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Prof Helen Nicholson 

Betty Binysh, ‘Living in Peace in the Latin East during the Crusades (1097 to 1291)’

Hannah Buckingham (second supervisor), 'Identity and archaeology in everyday life: The material culture of the Crusader states'.

Judith Dray (second supervisor), 'Towards a Popular Liturgy: Vernacular Prayer in William Caxton’s Publications'

Jennifer Halliday, 'Oblation and Recruitment in the Medieval Period' (completed)

Alison Harthill, 'Necromancy in the Medieval and Early Modern Periods'

James Jenkins, 'King John and the Cistercians in Wales' (PhD awarded 2012)

Cláudio Neto, 'Memory and Representation of the Military Orders in the Portuguese Kingdom, (1217-1417)'

Pierre Gaite, ‘The Role and Identity of  Household Knights in Fourteenth-century England’

Gregory Leighton, ‘Terra Matris: The Castles of the Military Orders and the Sacred Geography of the Baltic Crusades’

Nicholas McDermott, ‘The Military Orders’ Slave System: Diverse, Profitable, Accepted’