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Prof Josef Lössl 

My research is in the field of Greek and Latin Patristics and in Early Christian studies. My interest is in the way early Christian and Patristic texts convey historical, biblical, philological, philosophical, theological and scientific learning. I am also interested in the rhetorical and literary forms and transformations of these texts. I am pursuing, among others, the following themes and projects:

Julian of Aeclanum and the Hirpini in Late Antiquity

Having already published extensively on Julian of Aeclanum I am continuing to undertake research on various aspects of his life, writings, thought, and reception with the aim of producing a comprehensive study of this fascinating figure of late-antique Latin Christianity.

Tatian, Ad Graecos / To the Greeks. Translation with introduction and commentary

The aim of this project, which falls under the theme of "Philosophy and Religion in Second-Century Christianity", is to produce a comprehensive commentary, with introduction and new translation, of this second-century Greek apology in the series Kommentar zu den frühchristlichen Apologeten.

Biblical and Philosophical Exegesis in Late-Antique Latin

This project is part of the Latin and Syriac Commentary Project. It consists of a number of ongoing projects on Biblical and Philosophical exegetes and their work including Jerome, Marius Victorinus, Victorinus of Pettau, Augustine, Pelagius and Julian of Aeclanum, and aims at a comprehensive study of late-antique Biblical and Philosophical Exegesis in Latin. In connection with this project I am working towards a Patristic commentary of Romans 1-3 for the series Novum Testamentum Patristicum.

Classical and Early Christian Historiography

This project is closely linked with my contribution to the Encyclopedia of the Medieval Chronicle-project. I am interested in the origins of historiography and in links between Ancient Classical, Biblical, and early Christian historiography and between 'histories', 'chronicles' and other forms of historiography (including 'lives', 'letters', 'commentaries' etc.).

Various Themes in early Christian and Late-Antique Religion

I am also engaged in a number of studies, some already published, some awaiting publication, which touch upon a variety of issues concerning religion in Late Antiquity, and especially Christianity:

  • Consolation: The transformation of a genre in Late Antiquity
  • Narrative, system and ritual in ancient cosmologies and their reception
  • The role of memory in the formation of Christian identity
  • Identity and violence in early Christianity
  • History and prophecy


I am a member of the following research groups and centres: