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Dr Peter Guest 

I am currently supervising five MPhil and PhD students:

Adele Burnett - Roman Forts in their Landscapes

Jonathan Clark - Strategies for Province-Building under the Roman Empire: evidence for the consolidation and acculturation of newly conquered territories from the first century BC to the second century AD.

Dragana Lazarevic - Heritage and Politics in the Balkans

Cristina Mancini - Coin Circulation in ancient Abruzzo from the Vth century BC to the Vth century AD.

Sian Thomas - The South West Peninsula and the Roman World: A New Interpretation of Social Identity during the 1st to 4th centuries AD (AHRC funded)

Peter Twinn - What role did existing ritualized landscapes have in the development of settlements in Roman Britain?


Evgeni Paunov was awarded a PhD in 2013 for his thesis entitled From Koine to Romanitas:The Numismatic Evidence for Roman Expansion and Settlement in Bulgaria in Antiquity (Moesia and Thrace, ca 146 BC- AD 98/117.

Caroline Pudney was awarded a PhD in 2012 for her thesis entitled People and Environment in the Severn Estuary from the First century B.C. to the Fourth century A.D.