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Mr Ian Dennis 


Finished reconstructed antler combs based on artefacts from Bornais. Includes replica of the fishtail comb.

Bornais Viking antler combs and associated working debris

Researching the manufacture of Viking antler combs through experimental archaeology, experimenting with different manufacturing techniques. This work is providing important information regarding how we interpret Viking antler combs and the associated working debris found archaeologically. Preliminary results of this work were presented at the 6th Experimental Archaeology Conference at York University in January 2012. This work will be published within forthcoming Bornais project publications.



Exploring a drowning landscape: Shorewatch 2012

SHOREWATCH 2012. Iron Age roundhouse eroding from section at Halangy Porth, Isles of Scilly.

SHOREWATCH will establish a number of small-scale community led archaeological recording projects in Scilly. These provide the opportunity to develop a local archaeological skills base in addition to providing baseline data on a number of nationally important archaeological sites that are under threat from coastal erosion or invasive vegetation. The main legacy of the project is the mobilisation, training and database of community volunteers who will monitor coastal sites. This will help to ensure their preservation by record and inform future coastal management.