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Dr Guy Bradley 

Research Interests

My research has focused on the history and archaeology of Italy and Rome in the first millennium BC, using approaches that draw on comparative historical and anthropological studies and the integrated use of archaeological, epigraphic and literary sources. My interests in ethnic identity and the formation of ancient communities has informed my archaeological research at Iuvanum in the central Italian Appennines, where the Iuvanum Survey Project, directed by myself and Oliva Menozzi (Chieti), has systematically investigated the territory of this well-excavated Roman city. Our results make Iuvanum one of the most extensively examined ancient cities in the upland areas of Italy, showing both how a pre-Roman community living in a dispersed settlement pattern emerged in the first millennium BC and how the community disintegrated at the end of the classical period.

My longer term intentions are to develop my research into several areas of Roman history:

  • cultural change and ethnicity in Ancient Italy
  • early Roman history
  • Roman colonization in Italy


Iuvanum Survey Project. I am a co-director of the Iuvanum Survey Project (20002005) in collaboration with Oliva Menozzi of the University of Chieti (Italy). The aim of the project has been to investigate the territory of a Roman town in Samnium by field walking and other survey techniques, and to integrate the results with a comprehensive and critical analysis of the evidence for the site's regional context. This project developed out of the excavation of Monte Pallano in the Sangro Valley Survey, and has been undertaken with the full support and cooperation of the Soprintendenza Archeologica per l'Abruzzo. The funders of the project are the British Academy, Cardiff University, the Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies, and the Society of Antiquaries.

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