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Prof Gregor Benton 

Gregor Benton (2007) Mao Zedong and the Chinese Revolution. Routledge.

Gregor Benton and E. T. Gomez (2007) Chinese in Britain, 1800-200: Economy, Transnationalism, Identity. Palgrave.

Abstract - A history of Chinese settlement, with an emphasis on economy and transnational ties.

Gregor Benton (2007) Chinese Migrants and Internationalism: Forgotten Histories, 1917-1945. Routledge.

Abstract - Relations between Chinese migrants and the labour movement, in eight countries.

Gregor Benton and Hong Liu (2004) Diasporic Chinese Ventures: The Life and Work of Wang Gungwu. Curzon-Routledge.

Abstract - Studies on Chinese communities outside China.

Gregor Benton (1999) New Fourth Army: Communist Resistance Along the Yangtze and the Huai, 1938-1941. California University Press.

Abstract - Chinese communists in the first three years of the anti-Japanese War.

Gregor Benton (1998) Chen Duxiu’s Last Articles and Letters, 1937-1942. Hawaii University Press.

Abstract - The last letters, on democracy ad socialism, by the founder of the Chinese Communist Party.

Gregor Benton and Frank Pieke (1998) The Chinese in Europe. Macmillan.

Abstract - A volume of studies on Chinese communities throughout Europe.

Gregor Benton (1997) An Oppositionist for Life: Memoirs of the Chinese Revolutionary Zheng Chaolin. Humanities Press.

Abstract - The biography of a leader of the Chinese Left Opposition.

Gregor Benton (1996) Wild Lily, Prairie Fire: China’s Movement for Democracy, Yan’an to Tian’anmen, 1942-1989. Princeton University Press.

Abstract - Dissent under Chinese communism during and since the revolution.

Gregor Benton (1996) China’s Urban Revolutionaries: Explorations in the History of Chinese Trotskyism. Humanities Press.

Abstract - A thematic history of Chinese Trotskyism, 1921-1952.

Gregor Benton (1994) Mountain Fires: The Red Army’s Three-Year War in South China, 1934-1938. University of California Press

Abstract - The story of the Chinese communists left behind in the south after the start of the Long March in 1934.

Gregor Benton (1984) Wild Lilies, Poisonous Weeds: Dissident Voices from People’s China. Pluto Press.

Abstract - Writings from China’s democratic movements in 1942, 1976, 1979.

Gregor Benton (1980) Chinese Revolutionary, Memoirs, 1919‑1949. Oxford University Press.

Abstract - Memoirs of a Chinese communist who later led the Chinese Left Opposition; with an introduction and notes.