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Dr Jenny Benham 


Law, Treaties and International Relations in the Middle Ages (in progress)

Peacemaking in the Middle Ages: Principles and Practice (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2011)

Edited works

Guest editor of Historical Research special issue: Early Medieval Law in Context (August 2013)


‘Wounding in the High Middle Ages: Law and Practice’, in Wounds in the Middle Ages, eds. Cordelia Warr and Anne Kirkham (Farnham: Ashgate, forthcoming 2014)

‘Writing Peace, Writing War: Roger of Howden and Saxo Grammaticus Compared, in Danish Historical Writing before 1225, eds. Mia Münster-Swendsen and Sigbjørn Sønnesyn (forthcoming, 2014)

‘Law, Language and Crime in Denmark and England in the Twelfth and Early Thirteenth Centuries: A Comparative Approach’, in How Nordic are the Nordic Medieval Laws? Ten Years After. Proceedings of the Tenth Carlsberg Academy Conference on Medieval Legal History, ed. Kirsi Salonen and Per Andersen (forthcoming, 2014)

‘Law or Treaty? Defining the Edge of Legal Studies in the Early and High Medieval Periods’, Historical Research, 86 (August 2013)

‘A Changing Perception of War: The Role of Peace Treaties from the Tenth to the Early Thirteenth Centuries’, in Battle and Bloodshed: The Medieval World at War, eds. Lorna Bleach and Katariina Närä (Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars, 2013)

‘Constructing Memories of Peacemaking’, in Citation, Intertextuality and Memory in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, 2: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives on Medieval Culture, eds. Giuliano di Bacco and Yolanda Plumley (Liverpool: University of Liverpool Press, 2013)

‘Anglo-French Peace Conferences in the Twelfth Century’, Anglo-Norman Studies, 27 (2005)

‘Philip Augustus and the Angevin Empire: The Scandinavian Connexion’, Mediaeval Scandinavia, 14 (2004)


Review of The Sleep of Behemoth: Disputing Peace and Violence in Medieval Europe by Jehangir Yezdi Malegam, American Historical Review (forthcoming 2014)

Review of Hostages in the Middle Ages by Adam J. Kosto, Reviews in History (forthcoming 2014)

Review of The Templar Knight by Jan Guillou, and The Crusades: A Short History by Jonathan Riley-Smith, Reviews in History. Historical Fiction Special Issue (

Review of Peaceful Kings. Peace, Power, and the Early Medieval Political Imagination by Paul J. E. Kershaw, Reviews in History (

Review of Feud, Violence and Practice. Essays in Medieval Studies in Honor of Stephen D. White, eds. Belle S. Tuten and Tracey L. Billado, Reviews in History (

Review of War and Peace in Ancient and Medieval History, eds. Philip de Souza and John France, Reviews in History (

Review of Feuding and Peacemaking in Eleventh-Century France by Stephen D. White, H-France, 6 (May 2006)

Review of The Baltic and the North Seas by David Kirby and Merja-Liisa Hinkkanen, Scandinavica, 40 (2001), pp. 136-8.

Publications in Progress

II Æthelred: an edition with historical commentary and introduction’, commissioned for Early English Laws (forthcoming, 2014)

‘Henry III of England and Birger jarl: Anglo-Swedish Diplomacy in the Thirteenth Century’ (forthcoming, 2014)

‘Rebellious Regions: Law, Violence and the Practice of Political Power in England and Denmark’ (forthcoming, 2014)

 ‘King Æthelred II’s Treaty with Duke Richard I of Normandy’ (in progress)