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Dr Jenny Benham 

Position:Lecturer in Medieval History

Telephone:+44 (0)2920 875648
Location:John Percival Building – Room 4.27 (4th Floor)

Research Interests

  • Political and cultural history of the early and high Middle Ages
  • International relations and medieval diplomacy
  • Early medieval legal history
  • Medieval warfare
  • Medieval Scandinavia

Selected Publications


Law, Treaties and International Relations in the Middle Ages (in progress)

Peacemaking in the Middle Ages: Principles and Practice (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2011)

Articles and book chapters

 ‘Law or Treaty? Defining the Edge of Legal Studies in the Early and High Medieval Periods’, Historical Research, 86 (August 2013)

‘A Changing Perception of War: The Role of Peace Treaties from the Tenth to the Early Thirteenth Centuries’, in Battle and Bloodshed: The Medieval World at War, eds. Lorna Bleach and Katariina Närä (Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars, 2013)

‘Walter Map and Ralph Glaber: Intertextuality and the Construction of Memories of Peacemaking’, in Citation, Intertextuality and Memory in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, 2: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives on Medieval Culture, eds. Giuliano di Bacco and Yolanda Plumley (Liverpool: University of Liverpool Press, 2013)

‘Anglo-French Peace Conferences in the Twelfth Century’, Anglo-Norman Studies, 27 (2005)

‘Philip Augustus and the Angevin Empire: The Scandinavian Connexion’, Mediaeval Scandinavia, 14 (2004)

Current Research Projects

Teaching Profile

I welcome undergraduate students interested in gaining an in-depth knowledge of the political and cultural history of the early and high Middle Ages and Medieval war and diplomacy. The contents of the courses can be found below:

Undergraduate Year One modules

Undergraduate Year Two modules


  • HST911 Approaches to the History of Medieval Britain
  • HST903 Themes in Ancient and Medieval Warfare
  • HST906 Epic Warriors: Achilles, Beowulf and Beyond