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On-site Advice

We are available to carry out on-site lifting of objects as well as offering advice allowing formulation of a finds care and administration policy suitable to the needs of a particular site. This will help to ensure that the maximum amount of information from the finds and surrounding decay products is preserved.

Excavated pottery covered with hard concretions

The pieces of Samian ware (above and below) were discovered on an archaeological site and cleaned using the standard method of water and a soft brush. However, the particular decay processes had left the fabric of the Samian in an extremely fragile state and cleaning using this method damaged the raised surface detail. Cardiff Conservation Services was called in to give advice, recommending consolidation of the pieces prior to mechanical cleaning. The results can be clearly seen (below), the water-cleaned piece on the left-hand side of the image and the consolidated and mechanically cleaned piece on the right.

Conserved pottery showing preservation of surface detail

For further information about the types of work we can carry out, or for a quote, please contact:

Mr Phil Parkes

Position:Senior Conservator
Mr Phil Parkes
Telephone: +44 (0)29 208 75628Extension: 75628