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Collections Care

Collections care - Condition surveys can allow targeting of funds on specific projects. Collections are assessed and a report produced detailing those which areas which require further work or active conservation.

Bone comb conserved in antiquity


Comb cleaned and with teeth in correct position

This bone comb was one of several objects which had been conserved in antiquity. Due to the methods of conservation the objects were disfigured and obscured with excess wax, and in some cases had been incorrectly repositioned. The conservation treatment involved removing the excess wax and readhering the pieces with modern reversible adhesives. This greatly improved the appearance of the objects and allowed them to be placed on display.

We also carry out environmental surveys of buildings, visually assessing the building structure and location, taking measurements using thermohygrographs, dataloggers, lightmeters and UV meters and interviewing staff to determine existing policies and procedures for collections care. A report is provided on the suitability of a building for the storage or display of the collections and recommendations for improvements are made.

For further information about the types of work we can carry out, or for a quote, please contact:

Mr Phil Parkes

Position:Senior Conservator
Mr Phil Parkes
Telephone: +44 (0)29 208 75628Extension: 75628