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Personal Safety and Security

Generally Cardiff is a safe city, but as with any city it is important that you are aware of the potential for crime and that you take your personal safety seriously.

To the right of this page, you will find lots of other useful resources such as video links and podcasts which will help to ensure your personal safety.

Please download our full guide to Personal Safety and Security, including information on how to keep possessions such as mobile phones, bicycles and cars secure, by clicking here (.pdf).

Secure Residence

University Hall Exterior

A student residence, whether on or off University Campus, often contains many more possessions than an average family home. With multiple occupants having laptops, mobile phones, iPods and games consoles, student residences are extremely desirable for burglars. By following these steps you can make your residence less of a target.

  1. Always remember to close and lock your windows and doors, even if you are only going out for a short time.
  2. Don’t leave anything on display – particularly if you live on the ground floor.
  3. Don’t rely on door locks, access control systems or closure devices on building, flat or room doors.

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Secure Campus

Never leave any of your personal items unattended anywhere on campus – no matter how safe you feel. The most common offence against students on campus is the theft of unattended items and yet it is the easiest to prevent.

University Campuses are very open sites to the public, and it is very easy for someone intent on crime to gain access to pretty much all but the most restricted areas. Do not rely on the security of access codes or swipe card systems – how many times have you held a door open for someone without knowing who they are? Office doors are frequently left unlocked and unattended – leaving access to personal items and office computers.

These are some of the common areas where the theft of unattended items takes place, so ensure that you take extra caution.

  1. At the library.
  2. On the edge of a sports pitch or in the sports changing facilities.
  3. Exam rooms.

It is also important that you use a good lock to secure your bicycle when leaving it unattended. We recommend the use of a D-lock which you can purchase at the cost price of £17.50 from the Security Centre on Park Place.

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Secure Streets

We can all find it scary to walk alone, especially at night. The following tips will help reduce the risk of you being a victim of crime and may make you feel safer on the streets.

  1. Keep your belongings out of sight – mobile phones, wallets and laptop bags are all enticing signs for potential thieves.
  2. Don’t walk home alone after nights out and ensure that you plan your route beforehand.
  3. Only ever take licensed taxis and when using other types of public transport, try to stay close to other passengers.

If you ever feel unsafe whilst walking the streets of Cardiff, you can purchase a Personal Attack Alarm for just £2.50 from the Security Centre on Park Place.

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Secure Nights

A night out should be a night to remember. However, careless behaviour can put you at risk.

Make sure that you plan your evening before you go out – know where you are going and pre-book your taxis in and out of the City Centre.

Go out with friends who you trust and remember to look out for each other. If you decide to go home early, try not to go alone but if you do make sure that you let someone know.


5 Steps to minimise your risk from Drink Spiking:

  1. Never turn your back on your drink or leave it unattended.
  2. Be aware of how much alcohol you are consuming – if you start feeling more drunk than you feel you should, stop drinking and seek medical assistance.
  3. Avoid accepting drinks from strangers; if you do, make sure you see it opened and that nobody interferes with it before it reaches you.
  4. Drink from a bottle and cover the top with your thumb.
  5. When you go out, stay with a group of friends so that you can watch out for each other and get each other home safely.

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Security Software and Apps

In addition to taking the above precautions to increase your personal safety, there are also a number of different software and apps available to download. These range from software to help locate missing phones and laptops, to personal alarm and tracking apps aimed at boosting your confidence when in vulnerable situations.

Click here to download our PDF guide to software and apps that are available to help increase your personal safety and security.

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Victims of Crime

It can be a frightening experience if you are subject to a crime or incident, however we are able to support you. If you have anything to report, please contact us as soon as possible so that we are aware of any issues or undesirable behaviour.

You can call Security & Portering Services at any time – we are available to speak to 24/7.

Please call us on +44 (0) 29 2087 4444.

If a criminal act is taking place, please call 999 immediately and ask for the Police. You should then contact us on the number above so that we can come to your assistance.

If you wish to report a non-urgent call to the Police, call 101. Rest assured that if the Police feel that your issue is urgent, then they will escalate the call.

  • Phone

    Security Control Room - 24 Hour

    Tel: 029 2087 4444

Customer Complaint Procedure - download (.pdf)
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